What Sponsorship Includes

Learn about the difference your gifts make

Sponsorship is all about investing in the life of a child who needs love, encouragement, and the financial support for a good education to realize their God-given potential.

Your $38 per month, $114 every three months, or $456 per year financial commitment provides your sponsored child with following benefits:

Education - A sponsored child receives school tuition, school uniforms, lunch, and school supplies. Sponsored children attend elementary through high school at schools meeting Children of Grace’s academic standards.

Health Care - A sponsored child receives primary medical and dental care through local health clinics.

Local Staff Support - Each child’s progress is monitored and encouraged by CoG's local Ugandan staff who work with the students, their guardians, and the school to care for the physical, mental, and spiritual well being of each sponsored child.

Community Service Projects - All sponsored students organize service projects in their communities as a way to encourage a lifetime of service in line with Biblical principles.

We believe in the biblical mandate to care for the holistic person in mind, body, and soul. Therefore, our sponsored children and their guardian caretaker also benefit from a variety of other programs separately funded:
  • Reading, Tutoring, and Computer Training
  • Career Guidance
  • HIV/AIDS Awareness & Prevention Training
  • Health & Nutritional Training
  • Camp Allstars and Teen Retreats

Empowerment programs are also available to sponsored children:

  • Girls Can -  A program to unlock the potential of marginalized girls by empowering them with life skills, entrepreneurship, business skills and character development so they can effect positive change in their personal lives and within their communities. 
  • In partnership with Micro Business Mentors, CoG sponsored children and their guardians have access to entrepreneurship and business skills training along with micro-finance opportunities to encourage and fund start up businesses to alleviate the cycle of poverty.
  • Learning Without Fear - In partnership with the Uganda Ministry of Education and Raising Voices, CoG educates schools and communities about child rights and alternative discipline techniques to reduce corporal punishment in schools and communities.

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