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Yes! I want to make a meaningful impact in the lives of Uganda's vulnerable children. 

Your monthly donation allows Children of Grace to provide ongoing, holistic care to students. Because of our Champion Community, we are able to address urgent needs and crisis and seize opportunities for lasting change in a child's life.

Be part of creating brighter futures and become a Champion today!

The Champion Community is a dedicated and compassionate group of individuals who wholeheartedly support and advance the mission of Children of Grace.


This community plays a pivotal role in ensuring children’s access to quality education, medical care, nutritional support, mentorship, and empowerment from the time they enter our program until they enter adulthood.

The Champion Community's unwavering commitment
makes a profound impact on the children served.

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"When my mom died, I didn't know how I was going to take care of myself and my siblings. We were so afraid. Children of Grace has made sure we have schooling, food, and encouraged us when we have had hard times."


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