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Children of Grace Christian Primary School provides a classical education to students at primary level, focusing on their holistic development.


The school curriculum focuses on nurturing confidence, self-esteem, English language proficiency, reading skills, self-discipline, and a love for learning in students.


Student Notes...


Emily, 8

"I love my new school! My teacher is so kind and makes the day fun. Art is my favorite subject."

Academic Partnership Opportunities

With the opening of the Children of Grace Primary School, we have a new opportunity for academic institutions to partner with us. Providing high quality instruction, curriculum, and an engaging learning environment is vital for our students to be set up for success.


It is our desire for each child to complete their education as a critical thinker and be prepared for their chosen career path. Join us in equipping classrooms, staff and students with the tools and resources they need to stand out and reach their learning potential. 

Classroom Partnership

Empower teachers by ensuring classrooms and teachers are stocked with supplies, furniture and more!

Technology & Resource

Provide technology and educational resources including technology equipment, advanced educational resources, and access to technology to train our students for real world success. 

Educational Development

Create engaging environments through enhancing school facilities, buildings, and activity areas.

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