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Children of Grace demonstrates the love of Jesus Christ by offering hope to Ugandan orphans and other children affected by poverty and AIDS.


GRACIOUS: In everything we do, we strive to be Christ like, generous with our time, resources, skills, love and ALWAYS willing and ready to be helpful to all.

RESPECTFUL: We are respectful and open with one another, children, guardians and everyone we come in contact with.

ACCOUNTABLE: To our sponsors, our colleagues, our children and our partners

CONSISTENT: We do what we say we will do! Always Positive, Always Committed.

EXCELLENT: We give the very best of ourselves to ensure high quality in everything we do.


The story for Children of Grace began when Mary Ann McCoy first witnessed the devastating effects of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in 2002.


On a trip to Uganda to help with the AIDS crisis, Mary Ann met Grace, an HIV positive mother of two. Grace confided in Mary Ann that she was afraid to die, leaving her children as orphans. “Who is going to love, nurture and educate them?” In response, Mary Ann promised to educate Grace’s children. Soon after Grace died, Children of Grace was born to fulfill the promise to love, nurture and educate Ugandan children.


Since then Children of Grace has worked tirelessly toward this commitment by providing education, lifesaving healthcare, empowerment programs and holistic mentoring to thousands of Ugandan orphans and other children impacted by extreme poverty and AIDS.

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