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The Children of Grace Farm-to-School Initiative guarantees a steady supply of
fresh produce for our primary school's meals, provides students
hands-on learning experiences in best farming practices,

and enhances the school's sustainability through the sale of surplus produce.

Children of Grace provides produce for thousands of meals each month!


Farm Grounds 

The farmland currently spans 12.5 acres and is located near Jinja, Uganda.

Primarily, the crops are the source of nutrition for the Children of Grace Primary School students and staff.

Our main crops include maize, beans, cabbage, and bananas!



The farmland plays a crucial role in advancing sustainability. The harvested crops serve as a direct source of nourishment for our students and are also distributed to families facing food insecurity.

Any additional crops are sold, and the revenue generated contributes to the financial
sustainability of our school and the continuous development of the farm.


Ismail Ebal
Farm Director

Ismail is a proud graduate of the Children of Grace family. Coming from the harsh war zones of Northern Uganda, he entered the sponsorship program as a young boy desperate for an opportunity.

For over 10 years his faithful sponsor invested in his education from primary school through university. Upon graduating from Busitema Agricultural University, he volunteered with Children of Grace to use his degree to give back. 


As the farm manager, he has used his agricultural expertise and passion to create a farm program for Children of Grace. This program provides produce for thousands of meals each month. 

"I understand what it means to be able to count on a meal. It is my joy to develop and manage this farm, so children will not experience hunger.
I have big dreams for this farm!”

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