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Caring for the whole child: A holistic approach to rescue, education and empowerment.

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Our mission at Children of Grace has always been to care for the whole child. This means more than paying a school fee or handling a doctor visit, we are focused on ensuring a child's future is secure by providing them with stability in their life.

From the time a child enters the care of Children of Grace until they are at the seasons of graduation into adulthood, they have a home within our programs. Each one designed to address the primary areas in their life that will prepare their body, mind and soul to navigate the present and future. It is our goal that each child graduates and becomes a leader within their families, businesses, and communities.

With over 2 decades of students behind us, we are now experiencing the fruit of this long-term commitment. Our students are graduating, securing careers, and are giving back in ways we hadn't dreamed of.

This is why caring for a child must include more than covering a fee! While that serves a temporary fix it doesn't address the challenges that led the child to be in the position first. More than covering a school fee, we are caring for the child through each season and milestone. We are seeing healthy students rise beyond their circumstances! Each year as we celebrate students graduating from Primary, Secondary and University, we are reminded that it is the long term commitment and faithfulness of our supporters that is changing this generation of students.

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