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October News & Updates

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Thanks to your support, this past month at Children of Grace has been incredible! Each child that experiences safety, a quality education, receives support, guidance, and meals is an investment into a brighter future. The impact numbers shared each represent a life being transformed. Take a look below at the change you are a part of creating!

Fostering Healthier Lives Through Meals

Each month, Children of Grace provides nutritious meals to its staff, children, volunteers, and guests at our office and primary school through our Food and Farm Program. 12,721 MEALS SERVED IN AUGUST & SEPTEMBER 293,108 MEALS TO DATE In additional to our Food Program, this past month 6 families experiencing extreme hardship were provided specialized care ensuring they had access to food and financial support through the Relief Program.


In the month of September, a total of 128 medical cases were attended to by our medical staff, 13 home visits were made, 19 patients were referred to partner hospitals,15 medical follow-ups were made, and 1 mobile clinic was conducted. Of the total medical cases received, 86 were malaria cases. This is a very important discovery, because it means 67.2% of the cases handled in September indicate that many of our children and guardians are not sleeping under mosquito nets. This simple change can prevent and protect them from a very serious and painful illness. To partner and provide additional care for our children, click HERE

Mentorship Program Experiences Career Guidance Success

The Career Guidance and Life Skills workshop is designed for our secondary students and is offered twice a year. During the workshop, students are provided with information on different career paths and opportunities to learn more about their unique design and what careers would be a match to unlock their potential. Through our trainings and support, students are equipped to make informed decisions for their future based on their passion, skillset and long term goals. We know when students find the best path for them they are positioned to transform the situations in their poverty-stricken families and communities. This very month, a COG alumnus, Mutesi Noeline, came by the office to say “Thank You!” for the support and guidance she received through our programs. During her conversation with the staff, Noeline said “If there is any program that impacted me the most, career guidance is it!”. As of today, Noeline boasts a Diploma in Midwifery and she attributes this to COG for not only providing the tuition but also the needed support through its programs to discover the perfect career path for her! This wouldn’t have happened without the faithful support of her sponsor Jill Crist of 11 years! Thank you, Jill! This is one of many stories from our graduates this year that are entering adulthood and careers ready to be leaders and make an impact. It is the extraordinary long-term support of this community that is ensuring our students receive consistent care, support, and guidance!

Thank you for making the work we do possible! Our team is grateful for your support, so we can respond quickly to each child in a life-threatening situation.

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